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samedi 27 mars 2010

Seaweed Pearls

Product description:
An innovative product has been developed by Sea Frais in answer to a market need for a vegetable alternative to caviar. This unique creation, based on seaweed extract, results in delicate pearls popping with the taste of the sea.
It is a versatile product that can be used in both hot and cold recipes: canapés, salads, sushi, pasta, fish, and sauces. Not only is it an exciting and inspirational culinary ingredient, it has all the health benefits of seaweed.

· No cholesterol
· No preservatives
· No artificial colouring
· Vegetarian
· Environmentally sustainable

Alginates (brown seaweed extracts, Phaeophyceae Lamineria Hyperborea) (89.3% min), water, salt (max 4.5%), flavour enhancer, flavouring, antioxidants, stabiliser, natural colouring.

Pasteurised. Can be dry stored +5°C to +10°C

Shelf life:
12 months

12 x 100g jars per carton. 308 cartons per pallet.

Bar code: EAN 3760181410001

Orders: Sea Frais sarl 1 Brion 50530 Genêts France.
Tel : + 33 233683080 Fax +33 233681011
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